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Everyday Wellness Engagement

Why Modal Health?

At Modal Health we understand that changing life long behaviors is challenging for even the most determined and health conscious individuals. Unfortunately, most chronic medical conditions remain managed instead of cured. Modal Health believes however that positive behavioral change can prevent, and in many conditions, reverse disease processes before they result in irreversible debilitation. To enable this vision we built an intelligent wellness platform pairing our MyModalHealth app with live clinical health coaching as a means to motivate, engage, and support individuals on their journey towards wellness and healthy living.

Corporate Employee Wellness

Most midsize and large institutions have been investing in employee wellness for decades. Yet, employee health continues to show worsening trends specifically when it comes to chronic diseases.  Modal Health approaches employee wellness through the unique lens of behavioral change. We encourage and enable evidence based mindful engagement in order to promote personalized wellness and healthy living.  To learn more about how Modal Health’s Employee Wellness Platform may support you and your most valuable asset, your employees, contact a Modal Health Coach today.

A Comprehensive Wellness Platform

Modal Health’s personalized engagement, lifestyle data, and intelligent analytics app & dashboard platform bridges the gap between wellness concept and execution. Meaningful, routine engagement with clients and wellness partners such as physical and massage therapists, nutrition counselors, and health and mindfulness coaches enables continuity of wellness and closed-loop feedback ensuring all stakeholders realize long term benefits. We encourage you to contact a Modal Health Coach to learn more about our wellness team and how we can help guide you along your path to wellness.

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Activity & Exercise
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Health Coaching
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • Smoking Cessation
Individual User Engagements and Counting

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthful guidance to build and sustain healthy habits and prevent disease.

Emotional Well-being

Live support from Modal Health coaches while making positive behavioral changes.

Happy Employees

Routine engagement promoting positive wellness outcomes across multiple metrics.

Modal App

The MyModalHealth app is designed to drive client engagement through data science and intelligent analytics. Through multiple modes of engagement clients are ‘nudged’ to provide lifestyle and health data via images, devices, messages, voice and other common data acquisition methods. Via the MyModalHealth live chat and video feature highly personalized engagement is enabled ensuring the human experience is never far away. And, designed to be simple and intuitive to use by almost any demographic ensures a positive client experience at all times.

Modal Coach

Our clinical health coaches are trained and certified to ensure timely, meaningful engagement with clients who are focused on healthy living to prevent disease. As well we monitor and guide those afflicted with chronic conditions and in need of a helping hand to affect healthy behavioral change. Overseen by medical directors specializing in preventative care, our health coaches ensure safe and predictable wellness and health outcomes are delivered based on current best practice in both wellness and healthcare.

Modal Peer-2-Peer

Modal Health believes that a Peer-2-Peer relationship shared among our wellness clients can be a key to sustained healthful learning, human connectivity that serves to reinforce mindfulness, and the promotion of non-clinical wellness engagement in a healthcare ecosystem unlike any that exists outside of the Modal Health platform today. For those clients that choose to share their Modal Health wellness journey with others lasting bonds are formed that help ensure wellness and healthy living habits continue in the years ahead.

We understand the value of building and maintaining relationships among all members of a client’s care team. Delivering a safe, consistent, and effective care plan requires routine engagement that extends beyond the brick and mortar clinic. To achieve this objective our proprietary MyModalHealth app connects clients and care teams enabling comprehensive and holistic clinical wellness coaching. Contact us to learn more about how Modal Health can help coach you to a healthier and improved quality of life.

We recognize the benefit of tracking activity, nutrition, and exercise. Monitoring related disease metrics and care compliance are also essential to providing effective clinical care. ‘Failure to connect’ , whether device or team oriented, is oftentimes a major barrier to care compliance thereby limiting care success. MyModalHealth app’s built-in intelligent visualization tools allow the Modal wellness team to visualize and securely capture all aspects of a care plan which in turn improves individual and organizational outcomes.

We prioritize wellness, clinical care, and data integrity as essential core principles that ensure client safety and privacy. The design and maintenance of safe care protocols and securing client health information are Modal Health’s top priorities. To meet this high standard all of our wellness and healthcare solutions are designed and built to implement up to date, evidence based risk assessment and clinical care recommendations while adhering to the highest standards of data privacy guidelines.

Modal Health App


The MyModalHealth app has helped me by giving my health coach daily detailed information that has helped him figure out my health conditions. It has also made me more aware of my choices around food, smoking, and exercise. I'm not tech savvy, but the app is very easy to learn and use.
Wellness Client
I find having a Modal Health coach helpful in regards to weight loss. It provides accountability, support and encouragement while I learn healthy dietary habits. At the same time I'm offered immediate feedback for counter productive habits before they get out of control. As a result I am pleased to say I have now lost 20 lbs and feel great!
Weight Loss Client
I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the Modal Health program. I am finding so much helpful information in all areas. The home page has information from recipes and exercises to celebrity posts and general health. I think my favorite feature is 'Record Your Meal'. Making a list doesn’t work for me but actually taking a picture and submitting it has been very helpful. It helps me to really think about the food and my choices. My Modal Health Coaches are always available to answer questions and are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. With their help and this program I know I will have success in becoming my healthiest self. Thank you!
Wellness Client

Contact us to learn how Modal Health can help you engage in your wellness everyday.

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